What To Do When You Get Injured


We don’t want to get injured; the pain, the loss of work and the uncertainty of your future. When we get hurt due to the actions of another we will need to contact a lawyer. When talking to the lawyer it is important to know questions to ask a personal injury lawyer.

When talking to the lawyer they will want to know exactly how it happened. They will need to get the details straight and figure out what legal course of action you have before you. When talking to the lawyer make sure to give them all of the information they ask for.

Taking notes can really help you remember what they asked. You should never feel nervous when talking to a lawyer. Lawyers are there to help you and if they want an update on how things are, it is in your best interest that you tell him/her.

Question #1 – Why did this happen?

Maybe you were not paying attention when you tripped and fell. Maybe someone pushed you or maybe there was a hole in the floor. It could be that your dog wasn’t tied up properly and he ran out in front of you causing an accident. When talking to the lawyer ask him/her why it happened. If you are going to be compensated for your injuries it is important that you know why the accident happened.

Question #2 – What caused it?

If you were working and hurt yourself, was there a faulty step ladder or defective equipment on site? If the accident happened because someone else wasn’t paying attention and they hit you with their car did they have alcohol in their system.  Know what happened so that you can figure out who is going to be held responsible for the injuries you suffered.

Question #3 – How much will I make for my injury?

The question on everyone’s mind is how much do I get if this goes to court. The lawyer doesn’t know and he/she cannot tell you a number or an estimate before he/she knows all the facts. If there is someone who can be held responsible for your injury they are going to have to pay and it is up to you on how to spend the money.  If possible let the lawyer know how much you want for compensation so that he/she is able to get a better idea of what needs done.