Moving To A New Country?


Everyday many people all over the world relocate to a new country. This can be one of the most exciting moves a person can make in their life.  The opportunity to live fully immersed in a new culture or language is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Moving to a new country will often require a long list of pre-deployment tasks.  In addition to finding a place to live, learning a bit of the language, and registering for health insurance, one must also ensure that they have the correct visas and paperwork required to enter and live within a country.

Completing visa paperwork correctly can be a complicated process for those without knowledge of the immigration laws specific to the country they want to enter.

Do I Need An Immigration Lawyer?

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Navigating the many complexities of immigration procedures for a new country can be very difficult.  This is especially true for those wanting to immigrate from Canada to the USA or vice versa.  Each country has particular rules regarding the immigration of foreign citizens depending on the type of visa for which they are applying.

Professional immigration lawyers in Calgary AB offer services designed to streamline the immigration process and get an individual or their family approved for a visa.  Immigration lawyers are well versed in all matters of immigration law, so whether you are coming into a country as a student, skilled laborer, or refugee, they can assist with making sure that all paperwork has been filled out correctly.

Filling out immigration paperwork incorrectly and without the help of a skilled immigration lawyer can lead to denied visas, loss of processing fees, and even blacklisting from the country one is trying to obtain a visa to enter.